Home Garden Seed Association Membership Application

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Individuals or corporations engaged in the production or sale of seed for home gardens and companies that produce packets for the home garden seed trade.
Individuals, companies or institutions interested in promoting the gardening from seed, with the exception of those qualifying for Active Membership.
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Send payment through PayPal to info@ezfromseed.org
or send your check to:
Home Garden Seed Association
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Maxwell, CA 95955

Our Mission: To Promote Gardening from Seed for All Ages

Our Purpose:

  • To develop programs that actively encourage gardeners to plant more seeds

  • To provide a forum for Packet Seed Companies to discuss issues specific to our segment of the seed industry.

  • To develop public programs on growing from seed and communicate regularly with garden media

Our Goal: To assist all of our members in selling more seed; to promote knowledge of and enthusiasm for gardening from seed to both home gardeners and garden media.

Member Benefits: An Organization Dedicated to Gardening from Seed

  • Actively promotes our EZfromSeed program through traditional press releases, online presence and social networking.

  • Provides information and updates to national and local gardening writers and all popular social media channels.

  • Hosts informative workshops and develop marketing ideas through regular round tables at the Annual Summer Conference and Trials Meeting

  • Hosts seed related tours and networking events for fellow seedsmen and industry leaders at our annual meeting

  • Facilitates communication and networking between seed producers and seed retailers

  • Provides a trialing program for all members as part of the annual summer conference so members can see new varieties, see how varieties do in different climates or just quality check inventory in low cost trials.

Current Activities:

Expanded website: HGSA’s website is regularly updated, offering continuing opportunities to communicate our message and provide content on gardening from seed to the public. Our own HGSA writer, Pam Ruch, develops and designs new articles monthly and produces press releases sent out to garden communicators regularly.

"EZfromSEED" program: Our promotional focus "EZfromSEED" emphasizes vegetables and flowers and herbs that are easy for beginners and includes information on gardening with pollinators, includes tips for extending the gardening season information and offers comprehensive growing advice. With the HGSA processing and sending out our own data we focus our efforts to develop very best and accurate copy and promotional information with the garden media and home gardeners.

National Trialing Program: The HGSA offers our members the opportunity to participate in our National Trialing program, since many packet companies do not have their own facilities to perform variety trialing or the ability to trial varieties in different climate zones.  Each season, in conjunction with our summer meeting, members are invited to send in their varieties for evaluation in a different locale. All entries are direct seeded

Major Focus on education and industry communication: HGSA represents its members with a strong voice on home garden seed industry issues.  Please forward any topics which you feel will benefit our membership. A few topics we have presented:

  • GMO/GE /Organic Seed information

  • Seed packaging/labeling regulations/regulatory fees

  • Seed testing guidelines

  • Reaching home gardeners needs

  • Neonicatoids and pollinators

Garden and Seed Industry Participation: HGSA represents our membership nationally:

  • Our annual winter meeting takes place at the ASTA Flower and Vegetable conference so members can interact and network around relevant industry issues. Ask about our HGSA special member rate for ASTA registration.

  • We represent HGSA at annual Organic Seed Alliance conferences.

  • HGSA members regularly attend the National Garden Writers annual conference to promote gardening from seed and publicize our EZfromSEED program

We welcome your suggestions on how best we can further serve your needs and wanted to introduce you to our new Executive Director, Amanda Shepard. She was hired just before our Summer Meeting in September of 2018 and will be your contact person regarding your membership, upcoming meetings, and anything else about the Home Garden Seed Association. Her email address is amanda.taylor.shepard@gmail.com -- please don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello.

The Home Garden Seed Association Board of Directors

Mike Lizotte, American Meadows, President
John Wahlert, Wild West Seed, Vice President
Patty Buskirk, Seeds by Design, Past President & Treasurer
Renee Shepherd, Renee’s Garden Seeds, Director
Brian Markham, Hammer Packaging, Director
Robb Baumann, Mountain Valley Seeds, Director
Jim Walther, Applewood Seed Company, Director
Rob Hart, Charles Hart Seed Company, Director
Jessica Black, JBM Packaging, Director
Amanda Shepard, Executive Director